Google and Death

Google Death2The latest cover of Time magazine should raise Google’s stock.  If Google can solve death, surely it will bound past Apple to become the world’s leading company – no contest. And you’ve got to give them credit for thinking big!

“The Audacity of Google” is the actual title of the article, in which Google is called, “One of the most successful, ubiquitous and increasingly strange companies on the planet.”  The article goes on to describe a new Google project – Calico – that will focus on health and aging. The article gushes with admiration for Google’s outlandish ambition.  While Apple is all cranked up to reveal its latest version of the iphone, Google aims to be the company that one day might defeat death itself!  As Time Magazine says, “That would be crazy – if it weren’t Google.”

Crazy or not, the larger point is that Google is one more reminder of the triumph of the secular in our cultural ethos.

The word “secular” means: “this world, or, this age – only.”  It refers to a mindset that looks at our world without reference to God. Life with God cut out of the equation.

Have a problem? Google can fix it. Is death looming? Human ingenuity will take care of that. We’ll find a way to extend our years. Imagine how many new iterations of the iphone we can look forward to if we just live to be 180!   Never mind that we don’t know the meaning of our existence, or the purpose of our lives.

In the secular outlook, we are supremely impressed with ourselves and intensely into our dazzling stuff (Apple or Android, it doesn’t matter).  God is sidelined; banished; strangely absent from the discussion.  This is the kind of culture we live in: where Google gets a cover suggesting it may defeat death and people wait breathlessly for the latest Apple product unveiling as if it’s actually going to change the world.

Do you buy it?

Now contrast that with the message of the New Testament.  There it is: the reality of God unveiled, in Christ; the defeat of death, in Christ; every spiritual blessing is our, in Christ.Could anything be further from the secular mindset?

Now read Ephesians 1:1-14. This would be crazy – if it wasn’t the Gospel.

I am a follower of Christ – a believer – living in a secular culture.  Every day I have to make a decision to expand my thinking beyond the secular vision.  I have a different vision. I like Google, but I worship God. I believe in Jesus.  On the third day, he defeated death.  He is alive and present in my world and in my life.  This is the Christian Faith: audacious and awesome.


One thought on “Google and Death

  1. The secular world will always be: secular…Thru the centuries, samo samo.
    Tower of Babel, Age of Enlightenment…Cultures rise and fall….God changeth not!!!
    According to scripture, eventually: “God will be all in all” I await that day…In the meantime, I pray I will be obedient to HIS direction and purpose for my life…amen…

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