Get off the couch. Step into the life of faith.

couch 2Faith requires more than sitting and thinking.

Want to step into the life of faith?  Get off the couch and start moving. You can’t step into the life of faith while sitting on the couch “studying the issue.”  Do something; take a risk; move out of your own comfort zone. Live like a person who has to trust Jesus to come through in big ways. What if you can’t guarantee the outcome? So what? Give up control. True Christian faith is personal trust in Jesus that is lived out in the details of real life in real time – in the moment.

This can be a problem for me, because I’m more comfortable thinking than I am doing.  I’m an expert at “studying the issue.”  This is the way of the academic – the intellectual way – and I’ve discovered I’m not in the minority in this regard.

I see Christians all around me on an endless quest for new information and ideas.  We go from sermon to sermon, from book to book.  We treat our Christian faith as if it’s an exercise of the mind above all things. In the process, we find ourselves “sitting on the couch,” figuratively if not literally.  That’s why so many Christians are bored silly with their Christian experience. Maybe we’re waiting – to get that final question answered; to hear the one sermon that will bring it all together for us; to read that book that will finally make the Rubic’s Cube of theology fall into place for us.  That’s when it’s all going to come together for us; that’s when we will get fully engaged and active in our faith; that’s when we will get off the couch for Christ – or so we imagine.

But that’s not the way of faith – the way of TRUST.  It never has been.  When God called Abraham to go out, Abraham had no idea where exactly that would lead.  So he took a step of faith (Genesis 12).  When the disciples asked Jesus where he was staying, Jesus just said, “Come and see.” So they took a step of faith into the unknown with Jesus (John 1).  If they had waited to “study the issue at length,” they would have missed their life changing moment.

What about us?

Faith requires more than intellectualizing.  It is more immediate – living, responsive and active.  It is NOT detached.  Analyzing is fine. Thinking IS important! But analysis is not enough. It can leave a BUFFER zone between my heart and faith.  It implies that I am still in neutral trying to figure things out; trying to decide.  Faith is never in neutral.  It is immediate and active. This is true even when faith is expressed by waiting patiently!  Waiting in faith is an active waiting on God, prayerful, attentive, longing, expectant. That is totally different from resignation or passivity. And faith isn’t just a principle or a concept; it’s a relationship with a living person – Jesus Christ the Risen Lord.  I’m on a quest to learn to live a life of faith in Christ.  Please pray for me in this. I’m praying for you too!


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