What’s your question?

guitarplayer1A record company sent me a link to a music video yesterday.  It’s is an indie label, mostly guitar focused, with lots of amazing new musicians who are super talented and uber-cool.  They often post Youtube videos of recording sessions with their new artists.  You watch the video, get hooked on the music, and buy the album.  Simple.

The video was shot in the loft of a trendy apartment in New York City.  The 20-something guitarist, backed by an amazing band, was laying down the sweetest groove.

Then I was caught by the lyrics.

He was singing, with great angst, about his Christian upbringing; raging against the narrow constraints of the Christian faith.  He lamented to have once been called a sinner who needed a savior.  He chided the oppressive, unenlightened voices from his past.  This was his public moment.  With cameras rolling and music pulsing, he artfully disdained the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Then came the chorus:

“Yes, you were experts at answering all the questions I wasn’t asking.”

And there it is – the essence of the matter.  It’s an accusation quite in vogue these days.  The problem with the Christian faith, we are told, is that it answers all the questions no one is asking.  This accusation is often spoken (or sung) with an air of profound conviction as if it settles the matter completely — the Christian faith can finally be tossed into the ash bin of history where it belongs.

But wait – maybe there’s another angle on this.  Maybe the young singer-songwriter in the trendy New York City loft is simply asking the wrong questions.

Maybe the questions that haunt his young mind at night are more like this: “When will I be a real rock star?” “Do I look good in these skinny jeans?” “What could I do for a third job to help pay this crazy rent in New York City?” “I wonder if  they pull better shots at Intelligensia, or Stumptown?”

I’m not trying to be cynical here, but if the Christian faith doesn’t deal with the questions you are asking, maybe you should re-think your questions.

The more I get outside the “bubble” of living in one of the most affluent, individualistic, and secular cultures of all time, the more I am confronted with profound questions – questions about God, the reality of evil, my own heart, the meaning of our lives, the possibility of hope and healing.  Is there anything wrong with these questions?  Who wouldn’t ask these questions? These are the questions the Christian faith wrestles with.

Truth is – the questions we’re asking reveal far more about ourselves and our culture than they do about the merits of the Christian faith.

So now, what’s your question?

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  1. How can a be a “shinier light”, so others who know not Jesus and HIS peace, which passes all understanding, will be drawn to HIS light??’;-))

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