God Knows


God knows what he’s doing. God knows what we need. God knows.

Exhibit A: this radiant, loving, wise, joyful, and faith-filled woman, my wife, Maureen.

I had no idea. Not a clue. I was 23 years old, headed towards a life in pastoral ministry, but ridiculously rough around the edges – critical, introverted, intensely serious. She was 21, gracious, kind, patient, outgoing, fun, and willing to trust God while taking huge risks for Jesus.

On Wednesday we celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary.  It was freezing in Seattle. We bundled up and walked hand in hand through the city, ducking into glowing shops, searching out Christmas gifts for grandchildren, hoping for a chance encounter with the pinnacle espresso shot.  We shared memories – countless – so many amazing stories.

There’s a link to my blog on the home page for our church.  It reads: “Salt and Stir: Pastor Guy’s blog, with additional insights into Sunday’s message.”

So here’s an insight I need to share about Sunday’s message. Actually it’s about that and more.  It’s about a lifetime in ministry, and thankfully, by God’s grace, some good impact in our world.

The fact is: Maureen and I are absolute partners in life and ministry. It’s because of this partnership, by God’s grace, that I have been in the ministry all these years. Without Maureen’s incredible gifts and ministry, I don’t believe I would have continued in ministry.  Her joy, faith, love, and gift of building up others – building community – comprise the perfect counterpart.

In the last 37 years I have delivered thousands of sermons. But there’s a life experience that has to stand behind a sermon to make it real. My shared life and love with Maureen is the unseen ingredient that colors every message I ever share.

God knows.

One thought on “God Knows

  1. I agree! Our Lord helped you pick just the right woman and it
    sounds like you have been blessing each other through thick
    and thin….mostly thick :O)) May you ever delight in each other and our Lord…what a great example for the rest of us!
    Many Christmas blessings to the whole Gray gang.

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